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Packstrap USA is a family owned and operated business located in Miami, Florida.

The company is a supplier of shipping, industrial and packaging material. Packstrap USA specializes with a high quality of plastic strapping, strapping machines and systems, strapping tools, steel strapping along with the accessories for the plastic and the steel strapping. It has grown and is recognized among our clients for the high quality products and services it provides, committed with its mission “ Being a company dedicated to supply high quality products and honest services can measure its success by the number of satisfied clients”

Packstrap USA has factory trained technicians that repairs any kind of strapping machines, our technicians know what it means to deliver top-notch service to the customers that Packstrap USA genuinely cares about. It is focused on providing the customers with the best customer service, working exclusively with the top manufacturers in the packaging industry. From the owner to the delivery drivers are engaged in bringing every customer their best experience and meeting their individual packaging needs. Packstrap USA’s factory trained technicians specialize in with high quality standards to variety of specialized industries, and measures its success by the number of satisfied clients that we have.

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