Automatic Strapping

Automatic Strapping

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    Strapping Machines

    PAC STRAPPING Arch Automatic Strapping Machine AUTOPAC 300

    The AUTOPAC 300 is a ideal arch strapper for moderate to high volume applciations where 3/8″(9mm) and 1/2″(12mm) is the preferred material. The AUTOPAC 300 IS FAST CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE. It is all the user friendly features, usually found on machines costing thousands of dollars more.


    Lubrication Free Strapping Head

    The Strapping Head never needs lubrication

    Three Activation Methods

    The AUTOPAC 300 can be activated manually, with a foot pedal, or with a standard photocell

    Auto Feeding

    Loading Strap is automatic, activated by pressing the reset switch

    Jam free Automatic Re-Feeding

    In the event of any feeding problem,the strap is automatically re-fed into the strapping head, and the machine returns into the ready position

    Loop Ejection

    Missed straps are automatically ejected and the AUTOPAC 300  resets itself

    Sensor controlled heater

    Heat seals are consistent and highly reliable

    End of Strap Sensor

    If the coil do not have enough strap to complete the cycle, the AUTOPAC 300  ejects the short piece, and the machine is immediately ready fro a new coil.

    Electronic Tension

    Tension is controlled electronically, yielding consistent tension

    Improved Speed

    Up to 30 cycles per minute

    CE Certified

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    Strapping Machines

    PAC STRAPPING Fully Automatic Strapping Machine SM65FA

    Fully Automatic Arch Strapping Machine SM65FA:

    Simplified Strapping Head
    Utilizing the latest technology, the strapping head has 30% fewer parts thank comparable strappers. The result is fewer adjustments and minimal maintenance costs.

    Waist High Auto Feeding
    This ergonomic feature allows the operator to feed the strap automatically from the top of the coil. Coils changes are quick and easy.

    Free Access to Strap Guides
    For ease of maintenance, this patented feature allows access to the strap guides with no need for tools.

    Simplified Control Panel:
    The operator control panel, with LCD displays, controls all major functions.

    Hinged Top Plates
    For ease of maintenance, top plates are hinged allowing easy access to major mechanical components.

    Multiple Strap Patterns
    Various strap patterns can be selected from the control panel, including continuous strapping to transit mode.

    Built-in Interlock Plug:
    For communication with existing upstream and downstream conveying system.

    Adjustable Conveyor Speed:
    Speed Range is 32.8ft. (10 meters) per minute to 196.8ft.(60 meters) per minute

    Automatic end of coil detection and ejection.
    Adjustable Table Height

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    Strapping Machines

    PAC STRAPPING SM65 Automatic Arch Strapping Machine



    Patented Easy Strap Access

    Access to the Strapping channel requires no tools

    Quick Coil Change

    Strap is change at waist height and automatically fed…no more crawling on the floor

    One Piece Strap Tack

    Track design eliminates dusting and guarantees parallel straps

    Jam Free Technology

    Missed straps are ejected and the SM65 returns to the ready position

    Foot Bar Switch

    Provides hands free operation

    Adjustable Table Height

    The table is adjustable to any height between 32.3″ and 36.2″(820mm – 620mm)

    Photocell Activation:

    Several options ca be programmed when this feature is activated

    Pivoting Control Panel:

    Allows the operator to access the control panel from either side of the machine


    Foot Pedal Switch

    Available in Stainless Steel Frame

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    Automatic Strapping

    Rental Automatic Strapping Machine SM65

    We have daily, weekly and  montlhy rental rates. Rental include set up and training on how to operate the machine. Free lubrication, service and repairs are included.

    We value your business and your time, please fill out the rental inquiry form, to properly know your applications and needs, it will indicate us how to set the machine up for you. We will contact you immediately.

    Different Arch Sizes Available for Rent!!!

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