Plastic Strapping 3/4″,Hand Grade, 1,000 Test, Black, 4,500′ length, PAC 68H.10.2145

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Width (inches): 3/4″
Nominal Thickness (INCHES): 0.033″
Coil Length (feet/coil): 4,500′
Nominal Break: 1000 pounds
Core Size: 8 x 8
Color: Black



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Plastic Strapping 3/4″,Hand Grade, 1,000 Test, Black, 4,500′ length

PAC 68H.10.2145

Strap Type:Standard Hand Grade
Applied by:Hand,Manual Tools and Power tools
Clousure Used:Buckles, Seals and Friction Weld
Typical Applications: Palletizing, Lightweight and Package Reinforcement 

 Polypropylene strapping is the most commonly used and least expensive of all strapping materials, its light and easy to apply and recycle. All Hand Grade Plastic Strapping Coils are consistent, our plastic strapping coils are quality products that can be applied manually and sealed either with buckles and seals. Plastic Strapping Hand Grade is frequently specified in light duty, high volume applications where the cost of automated system can not be justified. In addition, we can manufacture special sizes, colors and products. If you have a special requirement for a product not listed please contact customer service.


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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 6 in


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